At ink, we are

consultative advisors and storytellers

 We help you define, reach and capture your target market.

We enable you to focus on delivery backed with the confidence of a well-researched market approach and growth plan. 

We collaborate with you to educate, excite and enable your consumers to find you and make your brand a part of their lives.


We take a human approach to building engagement. The key element to the success of our strategy is looking at users and consumers not as numbers but as people. Our people focused approach to marketing is evolved by understanding the decision points and influencer stimuli that creates a positive purchase resonance.

We don't sell. We enable buyers, users and clients subscribe to you!


We do in-depth studies to identify optimal product market fit customized to your growth stage.

Product/Service Market Potential

Customer Segmentation

Market Entry - STP for Growth Startups

Digital Analytics and Marketing Performance Management

Food-Tech Business Operations

Technical Research (Food Policy, Social Impact, Food Security and Sustainability)



We have multi-industry experience in launching new products and growing consumer and institutional markets.

Brand Definition and Development

Product Positioning and Launch

Small Business/ Startup Growth

Integrated Marketing & Sales Strategy

Targeted Campaign Engagement - Platform Specific Online and Offline

Digital Multi Channel and Cross Content Strategy

Social Media Marketing Mix

Campaign Goal Setting and ROI Measurement

PR & Outreach Optimization


We combine crosschannel platform insights and compelling imagery to drive engagement through immersive digital experiences.

Visual Content Strategy

Targeted Creative Campaigns (Food Retail, Travel, Hospitality)

Platform Specific Visual Engagement


We partner with Food Retail, Hospitality, Technology and Financial Services brands that are 

Driving a Change in the System. 

Bringing Good to the User.

We believe in the products we work with and that makes it simple for us to really want to make them Stand Out in the market. We believe Good comes in all sizes and work with small businesses and passionate local producers as well as national and multinational brands. Our commitment is to measurable impact and each campaign strategy is custom crafted based on target goals to create positive engagement.