Our aim is to create personal story for the viewer and thereby build a connection with the viewer. Celebrating the candor of natural light and realistic composition, we let the subject be revealed in impartial honesty. 



NOURISHED Magazine is a celebration of good, clean food that is affordable, wholesome and healthful. This quarterly magazine brings you ideas to make the most of seasonal produce and eat for the body's needs in each season. We approach the concept of sustainability with a pragmatic and realistic perspective away from trends and hipster high prices. To learn more about the concept and how you can incorporate conscious food choices within your lifestyle, read the journal article EATING FROM THE LAND.



Fork Spoon Knife is Asha's personal blog where she documents her culinary and travel experiences through stories, photographs and recipes. The journey began in 2008 and over the last several years, she has, through this blog, built an engaged community of readers, peers, friends and collaborators. FSK is her primary platform of partnership with several clients that she works with.